Body Perfect Moringa Reviews

Body Perfect Moringa is a weight loss product by a company called Bio-Synergy Ltd. That manufacturer is based in the United Kingdom and its website sells a broad spectrum of different dieting, health, and beauty supplements and merchandise.

The webpage for this product on the official Bio-Synergy website claims that the only active ingredient within this product is moringa powder. Aside from that, the other ingredient is non-active, as it is simply the microcrystalline cellulose that makes up the capsule shell. The description of the product says that this supplement is “another breakthrough” from the manufacturer. It is called a “unique breakthrough” that contains a superfood.

That said, while this is a part of the company’s weight loss brand, Body Perfect, and while it does say that the ingredient will support weight management and fitness goals while assisting overall wellbeing, it does not actually provide any evidence that would suggest that the scientific or medical communities have researched this claim and have agreed with it.

It states that there is more vitamin C in Moringia than in an orange, and more potassium than is found in bananas. It also states that it has twice the amount of protein as yogurt. It is 100 percent caffeine free and is completely natural. At the same time, none of those statements explain what a dieter can expect from the results and how it will promote better fitness and weight management.

The Moringia ingredient does certainly look to be a healthy one that contains antioxidants as well as other nutrients, but that doesn’t show that it makes any difference at all in the amount of weight that is lost. Moreover, there are dozens of supplements that can provide a multivitamin and antioxidant effect for considerably cheaper than this particular product, if those are the only benefits that are desired.

According to the official website’s “Usage” instructions, 1 to 2 capsules must be taken per day, with meals and with a glass of water. Every bottle of Body Perfect Moringa contains 60 capsules, which means that it will last from one to two months, depending on its usage (whether one or two capsules are taken each day). At a cost of £24.99 at the time of this review, that would mean that if it were to last for 60 days, it would cost a similar amount to a good quality multivitamin, but it would be quite pricy if taken in the maximum dose, particularly as it is unclear as to how it would actually help with reaching a weight loss goal.

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