Apidexin Reviews

When describing Apidexin, its manufacturers claim that it is the “world’s strongest fat burner”. That said, there are a tremendous number of over the counter diet pills that all make this same claim. This particular product was developed by a group called the Apidexin Research & Development team, which says that the performance of this product is better than the majority of prescription weight loss drugs.

It is marketed to both men and women and claims that it will help these dieters to lose between four and seven pounds within a week. The directions for the product recommend that it be used in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and a regular increased activity level. One bottle provides a thirty day supply of the product. The package states that it should be taken two times every day, once a half hour before breakfast, and once again a half hour before lunch.

The product sells for $99.95 per bottle, which is exceptionally high for a one month supply of over the counter weight loss pills. That said, Apidexin is supported by a 100 percent money back guarantee that will refund the purchase price, though not the shipping and handling.

The Apidexin formula is said to be “vegetarian based”. That said, the official website does not provide a full list of the product’s ingredients. At the time of this review, there were eight active ingredients that could be identified in this formula, based on information from third party distributors. Among them, were Bioperine, Infinergy, Lipolide SC, and ForsLean.

Bioperine is meant to help to make it easier for the body to absorb all of the other ingredients in the formula, and to do so more effectively. Infinergy is a stimulant that boosts the individual’s energy levels and mental awareness. Lipolide SC is supposed to help with the process of burning fat. ForsLean helps to increase the amount of lean muscle tissue on the body. The rest of the known ingredients in the formula are meant to increase the rate of the metabolism, help with fat loss, and encourage thermogenesis – a process that increases the body temperature in order to burn more calories and fat in the form of heat.

The official website does provide a few success stories and customer testimonials to help to support its claims of fat burning and metabolism boosting, however, while the site does say that the product has been “clinically proven” to work, it does not cite or link any of these trials or any other research associated with Apidexin or its ingredients. Moreover, there do not appear to be any trial samples available that would allow a dieter to try the product before paying the large price tag for a full bottle.

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