Apidexin PM Reviews

Apidexin PM is one of a growing number of diet pills that claims to be able to help an individual to lose weight while they’re asleep at night. There are many different products that say that they can accomplish this goal, though no clinical studies have ever shown them to be effective. The official website for this product, however, promises that you will be able to lose 28.1 times more weight while using this pill while you sleep than you would without it.

The Apidexin PM manufacturer states that it works by helping reduce hunger by 24 percent and burning off more fat during the time that the user is asleep.

At the time of this review, one bottle of this over the counter capsule was being sold for $59.99, which is on the high side when compared to some of its competition. The directions state that two capsules should be taken ever night before bedtime, but that during the day, a healthy eating plan and regular daily exercise should be followed.

The Apidexin PM formula includes ingredients such as Chromax, humulus lupulus, and irvingia gabonensis (African Mango). Its manufacturer says that through these ingredients, the user will also have his or her tension and nervousness eased, the metabolism will be regulated, the appetite will be reduced, cholesterol will be lowered, the mood will be improved, and it even helps to fall asleep at night.

Chromax is essentially chromium, which has been shown to help to regulate blood glucose levels. In theory, this helps to reduce the chance of sugar cravings between meals as it stops the blood glucose levels from plunging a few hours after having eaten. Humulus lupulus is better known as hops. This ingredient helps to encourage healthy sleep and eases nervous tension. Irvingia gabonensis is also known as African mango or wild mango, which is a type of fiber that can – if used in adequate quantities – help to reduce the appetite. Other ingredients in this formula are also meant for reducing tension, encouraging better sleep, improving the sleep cycle, and improving the mood. None of these ingredients have been clinically proven to help to lose weight while unconscious.

Though the Apidexin PM concept does seem to be a good one and an appealing one for many dieters, there is neither any clinical proof that this will work, nor are there even any before and after photos on the official website to help to show that it can live up to its promises.

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daniela vidal July 14, 2014 at 10:51 pm

Can you take this if you are taking the red and white bottle


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