Anoretix Reviews

Anoretix is another nonprescription diet pill about which some very dramatic claims have been made. It has practically been described by its manufacturer as being a magic product that will solve all of an individual’s weight struggles. This is an extremely common selling strategy among the creators of diet pills. However, it will take further investigation to know whether or not this one actually is what it claims to be, or whether it is yet another disappointment in this marketplace.

The claims that are made on the official Anoretix website are that it is “so powerful that it would exceed your expectations of a stimulant free diet pill!” It says that taking this pill will suppress the appetite, increase energy levels, inhibit the absorption of fat, and even improve digestion. This represents a very broad range of different benefits and functions, and would place this product within several different product categories. If it were able to live up to all of these claims, then this product would be nothing short of a miracle.

The official website may be ready to make a large number of claims about the product, but it doesn’t seem to have placed the same amount of effort into showing that any of these promises have been backed up by science or clinical trials. There is no reference made to any specific efforts to test these products on humans or event to show that their ingredients have been tested.

The website itself is quite well written and convincing in that it is highly enthusiastic and confident, even though it doesn’t provide any support for anything that it has to say. They are willing to tell you a large number of things except how it works or why they feel willing to make these promises.

Looking into the ingredients, it appears that the formula is made up of chromium, 7-Keto, and Tonalin. In the instance of the last ingredient, the website does mention a “2010 study” in which “researchers” found that using this ingredient can help dieters to lose weight within thirty days. However, this wonderful study was not cited, so it is not possible to tell who conducted it and how. Was it conducted by a well respected university over time, with a large number of people in a double blind format, or was it conducted by someone who works for the manufacturer and who tested it on a single lab rat? There is no way of knowing.

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