All Day Slim Reviews

All Day Slim is one of an exceptionally large number of nonprescription diet pills that claim to be able to provide a “revolutionary approach to weight loss”. The official website for the product is designed in a user friendly and visually appealing way that states that the products provide “healthy and easy” weight loss that is “new, natural and patented”.

The manufacturer, Lepton Labs, LLC., promises that these diet pills will help the user to lose weight through the reduction of the appetite and through the increase of fat burning when compared to without the use of the product.

As appealing and well designed as the product’s official website may be, it does not provide a tremendous amount of information at the time that this review was written. Moreover, at the time that the site was being accessed for the purposes of the review, it was running extremely slowly. It is not known whether the site is typically sluggish or if it was like this only on the day that the product was being examined, but it caused a notably larger struggle in terms of informing oneself.

The website uses diagrams to explain that the product works both on the body and the brain in order to trick it into feeling as though the stomach was more full than it was, and that it burns more fat than typical. That said, the “how it works” section does not feature a complete ingredients list.

The FAQ section is also ingredients-absent. It is more focused on providing directions to use and purchase the product. There were some indications on the site that there were orange peel, assam gelugur fruit extract, and beeswax in the product, but it is unclear as to how much it would contain or if it contains anything else. It looks as though the majority of the claims are centered around the assam extract, whereas the other two identified ingredients were more supporters than actual effect providers.

The primary ingredient, better known as garcinia cambogia is a type of fruit that grows naturally in central Africa and south-east Asia. Though traditionally used at improving the taste of food in older recipes and being structurally similar to citric acid, which provides a sour flavoring, it is commonly found in nonprescription diet pills despite the fact that it has not been proven to lead to weight loss improvements in any large and reputable published research.

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