Acai Body Flush Reviews

Acai Body Flush is another version of this particular weight loss fad in the form of an over the counter pill. There has been a great deal of hype about acai berries, despite the fact that there has never been any evidence to support claims that it can promote weight loss in any way. All it took was a mention on the Oprah show to say that it was a powerful antioxidant and that it was a superfood, and people seemed to assume that it could do anything that manufacturers claimed that it would do.

While the truth is that acai berries are a nutritious food that is high in antioxidants, there are many foods that can boast these same qualities. They don’t help with weight loss just because they are healthy. All they do is help to boost your nutrient intake.

In the form of Acai Body Flush, they not only claim that these berries will help with weight loss but they do so in another type of fad diet – cleansing. This, in combination with the astronomical claims made about this product make it look less and less as though it would work, with each new detail. The marketing for these pills claims that without any exercise at all, a dieter can lose up to 50 pounds per month.

For one thing, losing that much weight, that quickly, would be extremely unhealthy and would desperately stress the body. For another thing, the key words in the claim are “up to”, which means that technically it is promising that a dieter will lose from 0 to 50 pounds within a month. When defined that way, it is far less impressive.

Not only is cleansing not a method of losing fat (it typically only temporarily flushes out excess fluids in the tissues through the process of dehydration) but it is also something that many doctors would not recommend. The reason is that if a person eats healthy foods and has a bowel movement on a regular basis, then the body is already cleansing itself properly and no additional products are required. By going through a cleansing process, it can actually add more stress to the body and its organs and may cause the metabolism to slow down over time, making weight loss more difficult.

At a price of $84.85 per month (at the time of this review), it is very difficult to recommend Acai Body Cleanse on any level.

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