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Zero G’s manufacturer, Universal Nutrition, claims that the fat burning feature of this weight loss supplement is so effective that you’ll actually feel as though you’re in zero gravity. It will be as though you’ve been shot into space and are weightless. This may be quite an exaggeration, but the question most prospective users have is whether or not it will actually help them to lose weight – regardless of that gravity-free feeling.

Zero G does include some ingredients that are often used by various weight loss supplement manufacturers, claiming that they will help with fat burning. Of these ingredients, their fat burning ones include Ginsenoside RGB, 7-Keto and Cordia Salicifolia, Guarana Extract, Green Tea Extract and Bitter Orange. These ingredients are very potent stimulants that increase thermogenesis and force the body to burn fat faster. One major problem is that they can give the user a jittery feeling and can be potentially dangerous when taken by people who are sensitive to the effects of stimulants.

These fat burning ingredients, combined with theobromine, taraxacum extract, guggul extract and cayenne extract found in the Zero G formula are supposed to work together for a weightless feeling, feeling light, decreasing fat levels in the body, and controlling blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol.

The marketing materials for Zero G by Universal Nutrition have four separate claims for the way in which it says it results in weight loss. The first is thermogenesis, which is a process in the body that causes it to increase in temperature in order to help it to burn more calories, since creating heat requires energy.

The second is the use of a diuretic. This doesn’t actually help with fat loss, but gives the impression that it has because it temporarily flushes extra fluid from the tissues. Many diet pills use this type of ingredient to make up for a lack of an effective formula, so it provides the false impression that weight has been lost.

The third is appetite suppression, which, if done effectively, minimizes hunger pangs and cravings for food. The fourth is support of the thyroid which could assist in speeding up the metabolism.

This being said, without any reputable human studies performed on the Zero G, it is impossible to tell whether it lives up to even a single one of its many claims for weight loss benefits.

The official Universal Nutrition website doesn’t even mention the product. Though they do have dozens of other products for health, diet, body building, and other purposes all listed. This could indicate that the product is now discontinued or that it is not a flagship product that they plan to associate heavily with their name. Either way, this doesn’t make it seem as though any potential satisfaction guarantees will apply to it and clearly shows that no free trials are available to let the product be tested before buying a full package.

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