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Via Ananas is a diet pill manufactured by a Chinese company and that is being sold by a number of different places online, from pill product merchants to online marketplaces. Though there is an official website for this product, it has been yellow flagged by site reputation reviewers such as McAfee and Norton, which does not provide a sense of consumer safety.

What Exactly is Via Ananas?

This product is unique in that it has only one active ingredient, which is pineapple. Neither the official website nor any of its third-party sellers actually explain how pineapple is meant to actually lead to weight loss. Moreover, at the time of this review, no customer testimonials could be found on the official website to show that dieters have been happy with the results that they have experienced.

The official website did offer a list of the active ingredients (as well as those that make up the pill itself, such as cellulose, microcrystalline, silica, and magnesium stearate, which are standard). It provided the directions for use of the product and gave a contact page so that the company could be contacted by consumers.

Can This Ingredient Help?

Additional off-site research has shown that two of the primary features of consuming pineapple is in high doses of vitamin C and bromelain. Vitamin C is an important nutrient and antioxidant, but it is not an appetite suppressant and it does not increase the metabolism. On the other hand, bromelain is known to be able to boost digestion and break down protein. This could – in adequate quantities and when combined with proper exercise – promote the better breakdown of foods and absorption of nutrients to help to put fat to better use and flush out waste.

According to Via Tonic, the original company that produces Via Ananas, there are a number of counterfeits currently on the market that may not contain the same substance that is found in the authentic version of this pill. Unfortunately, this suggests that there could be some risk in shopping for this product, considering that there are warnings about the official website and there are fake products disguising themselves as this pill on third party sites.

Should You Choose Via Ananas?

As it remains somewhat of a mystery how the actual Via Ananas product actually promotes weight loss, it may be a better idea to seek out an alternative that provides a safer shopping experience and that is more likely to actually work. Before starting any diet supplement, be sure to speak with your doctor so that you will know that you are making the right choice for your unique needs.

April 2020 Update

Via Ananas has managed to remain on the digital shelves for many years.  Its active ingredient has remained the same, but its price and claims have skyrocketed.

To start, it claims that it’s impossible for this product to bring on side effects because it is a 100% natural food supplement.  Of course, we all know that such a claim is nonsense.  There are many ingredients from the natural world that can be toxic, hazardous or even deadly.  Moreover, even foods can become dangerous when concentrated too highly in supplements. Therefore, that claim should raise concerns regarding the trustworthiness of anything said about this product by its marketers.

Higher Weight Loss Claims and More Red Flags

Next, Via Ananas now promises its users that they can use it to lose 7 to 10 kilograms of fat per month.  This converts to 15 to 22 pounds per month.  That’s suggesting an average weekly fat loss rate of 3.75 to 5.5 pounds.  Most doctors will tell you that anything above 1 to 2 pounds per week is unhealthy, unrealistic and unsustainable.  Therefore, this next main claim can also be called into doubt, particularly as it promises this result based on a single ingredient from pineapple.

The directions for use now recommend that Via Ananas be taken with increased water intake, a reduction in fatty food consumption, eating a light dinner at least 4 hours before bedtime, remaining lightly active each day and reducing sodium intake.  If any results are experienced through the use of this diet pill, will be from changing the way you eat, and from reduced water retention from the decreased salt consumption. It is unlikely that this pill will have contributed to measurable fat loss.

It is highly recommended that you speak with your doctor before thinking of purchasing Via Ananas let alone buying it.  As the lifestyle change recommendations are what would likely cause any fat loss you experience in a month (and would not approach the unrealistically high monthly claims), your doctor will more than likely recommend that you leave that product on the shelf and proceed with healthy lifestyle changes on your own.

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