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Valentus Slim Roast coffee is a weight loss supplement in the form of a favorite morning beverage instead of as a pill. This product is sold through its official website and is meant to provide dieters with a boost to their weight loss efforts in the morning.

What is Valentus Slim Roast?

Valentus Slim Roast coffee is a combination of Italian dark roast coffee and a number of other ingredients.  It is packaged in individual servings and is meant to help dieters to lose more weight.  The official website claims that the product was formulated with ingredients selected to suppress the appetite and improve the mood.  Furthermore, it also claims to contain substances for detoxing.

Every serving of Valentus Slim Roast contains 12 calories.  It is very straightforward to prepare as it only requires mixing into warm water.  It is made with dark roast coffee to make it feel as though you’re just having a normal morning beverage when you’re actually taking a diet supplement.

What About the Company Behind the Product?

Valentus is a company that has a range of different products sold for many purposes. Its products are all beverages that it has formulated to be functional in various ways.  The ingredients are mainly natural herbs, though there are others in their products as well.  In the Valentus Slim Roast line itself, there are more options than just the Italian dark roast.  It also sells versions including the:

  • Optimum
  • Optimum Cocoa
  • Brazilian

What Are the Active Ingredients in Slim Roast Coffee?

According to the product package, the ingredients that comprise Valentus Slim Roast include:

  • Instant Dark Roast Coffee
  • Coffee Bean Extract (for Chlorogenic Acid)
  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Phaseolamine Extract
  • (Cassiolamine) Green Tea Extract
  • L-Carnitine Fumarate
  • Natural Caffeine
  • Cissus Quadrangularis
  • Ginseng Extract

There are ingredients on that list that are linked with some scientific research. There are other ingredients on that list with a shakier research background.  That said, the coffee and caffeine in this product can help to provide energy that can be very useful for someone who is just starting a weight loss strategy or someone who is struggling to stick to an existing one.

Of course, those benefits can also be obtained simply by drinking a regular cup of coffee.  As the manufacturer has not revealed how much of each ingredient is contained within this formula, it is difficult to know how much of an impact any of the individual ingredients will have on an effort to lose weight. It is recommended that anyone considering the use of Valenta Slim Roast first consult with a doctor.

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