Lishou review

Lishou is a weight loss product sold internationally online as well as within certain retail stores, and that is associated with one of the most dubious track records in the industry. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a special Public Notification warning consumers against purchasing this product. In fact, the […]


Reductil Reviews

Reductil is a drug that was once sold through a doctor’s prescription in a number of different countries worldwide. This was the brand name for a generic medication which was known as sibutramine. That drug continued to be available through a prescription until January 2010. It was at that time that many countries withdrew the […]


Synedrex reviews

Synedrex is an over the counter diet supplement that is marketed as being able to help a dieter to be able to lose weight more quickly and easily than they’d be able to accomplish on their own. These pills are manufactured and distributed by the American company called Metabolic Nutrition. The claim on the official […]