Phen 700 review

Phen 700 is an over the counter weight loss supplement that has been strategically named in order to suggest some similarity to the popular prescription diet drug called Phentermine. There are dozens upon dozens of different products that are currently on the market that have used this naming strategy and while some may be quite […]


Saba ACE review

Saba ACE is an over the counter supplement that has been designed to provide dieters with added assistance to get more out of the dieting strategies they are attempting to follow. This product is manufactured by AMS Health Services, which is a business that sells a number of different kinds of supplements in several health […]



Amphetalean is an over the counter diet supplement that is one of a number of products sold under the Beast Sports brand name. That company is a sports nutrition and diet supplement producer. In the case of this specific pill, the design was meant to provide dieters with a number of different benefits, instead of […]