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EvoMuse Defuse Review

EvoMuse Defuse is an over the counter diet pill. Its marketing promotes it as a weight loss supplement that produces a powerful combination of thermodynamics and biochemistry. Even though those words may sound impressive and highly scientific, when all is said and done, it is only using complex wording to suggest that it is a […]


Miss Fit Skinny Tea review

Miss Fit Skinny Tea is a 28 day tea-based detox program that claims to be able to help dieters to kickstart their results. The product is sold with a free infuser which means that other than a teacup and hot water, everything is provided within the same box. That said, this product is far from […]


LotusLite Plus Reviews

LotusLite Plus is a nonprescription diet supplement that was created by a team at a company called LotusLite LLC, which creates what it calls “skinny pills”. At the time that this review was written, the manufacturer was providing a considerable amount of information both about itself and the products that it sells. There was a […]