FENFAST 375 review

FENFAST 375 is a nonprescription tablet sold as an alternative for those who want to buy Phentermine 37.5 mg but who cannot because they are overweight, not obese, so a prescription treatment is not right for them. Instead, this weight management pill works differently – in a way that is far more appropriate for dieters who are […]


Sliminex reviews

Sliminex is a nonprescription diet supplement that is not widely sold on third party sites, but that is available on its own manufacturer’s website. While it does not have an official website of its own, it does have a page on its manufacturer’s site that provides a certain amount of information about what it is, […]


Kinetica Thermo 5 reviews

Kinetica Thermo 5 is a supplement pill that is marketed as one element of a complete “weight management” system. It is one of many products that are sold by its manufacturer, Kinetica. That company focuses on a range of different types of health and sports products, ranging from fat loss to bodybuilding. The information on […]