xanthigen reviews

Xanthigen is a weight loss formula that was first created in Russia. As it is a proprietary recipe, the manufacturers have not released the ingredients list for the drug, which is always sketchy, as it makes one wonder what it is that the company has to hide. What is known about the drug, though, is […]


Xedra-Cut Slim Packs review

Xedra Cut Slim Packs are a product that had once been called Xedra Cut Lava Sticks under the large USN brand. The products are comparable to each other, though the formula has been slightly altered from the original, and clearly the name is not identical to what it used to be. This product is available […]


Fuco Prime Review

Fuco Prime is an over the counter weight loss supplement that is created by Nature‚Äôs Biology. This manufacturer recommends that the use of this supplement be combined with that of two others that are distributed by the same company, called Hoodia Prime and Ultra Prime. Fuco Prime is the result of a discovery that was […]