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Elite Slim Extreme Reviews

Elite Slim Extreme promises to help you “get fit the natural way.” A product of Invictus Labs, this dietary supplement that has been formulated as a weight management aid, and works in three ways to help you slim down. The first way in which it supposedly benefits those who take it is it increase fat […]


Vitakor review

Vitakor is a nonprescription supplement product that is marketed as going above and beyond simple vitamin supplementation. Instead, it claims to be a “metabolism booster” and that it is the “Extra Slim Formula” offered by the brand. The official website claims that the Vitakor formula is made up entirely of natural ingredients that are able […]


Forza African Mango review

Forza African Mango is a diet pill that was created in order to be able to assist dieters in being able to lose weight as well as to better manage it once they have reached their goal body mass. This is meant to be accomplished through a formula that includes African Mango, an ingredient that […]


African Mango Advanced reviews

African Mango Advanced is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is produced by a company from the United Kingdom called Evolution Slimming. This is a company that produces many different weight loss, detox, and “health and beauty” supplements and products. Glancing at the official manufacturer’s website shows that many of the products made by this […]


avaprex reviews

Avaprex 1200mg is a nonprescription weight loss pill that is marketed as being an alternative to Phentermine, a highly popular prescription diet drug. This pill does have an official website, which includes a broad range of different claims regarding the ways in which it is supposed to be able to assist dieters in reaching their […]


fenophen diet pills

Fenophen is one of any products that ends their name with “phen” in order to try to take advantage of the success of other pills that have been proven effective that begin with those letters. Though this can often be a signal that the product cannot be trusted, in the case of this diet supplement, […]


apidexin pm nighttime diet pill

Apidexin PM is one of a growing number of diet pills that claims to be able to help an individual to lose weight while they’re asleep at night. There are many different products that say that they can accomplish this goal, though no clinical studies have ever shown them to be effective. The official website […]

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