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Elite Slim Extreme Reviews

Elite Slim Extreme promises to help you “get fit the natural way.” A product of Invictus Labs, this dietary supplement that has been formulated as a weight management aid, and works in three ways to help you slim down. The first way in which it supposedly benefits those who take it is it increase fat […]


Pure Acai Berry Max review

Pure Acai Berry Max is a nonprescription weight loss pill that has been designed to offer users weight loss based on the infamous Amazonian fruit that has been a part of nutritional headlines for several years now. This product is made up of a combination of two active ingredients: acai berry extract and green tea […]


AcaiTrio review

AcaiTrio is a nonprescription diet supplement that is marketed within the weight loss category. It is one of dozens, if not hundreds of products that use the controversial acai berry “superfruit” as a part of its ingredients list. While it is widely agreed that this ingredient has nutritional benefits in terms of overall health and […]