Solidax Reviews

solidax reviews

Solidax diet pills are manufactured by Weight Loss Clinic in the United States, and have been on the store shelves since 2003. The primary active ingredients in the formula for this product are Calcium Pyruvate, Synephrine, and Chromium Picolinate. It is designed in order to boost the metabolism’s rate as it provides appetite suppression.

The manufacturer say that this is accomplished without negatively affecting the central nervous system. The claim is that there are specific adrenergic receptors stimulated by Solidax diet pills, and that this speeds up the fat burning by the metabolism without any repercussions to the cardiovascular system.

The ingredients that make up the Solidax diet pills formula are extremely common in the nonprescription diet pill marketplace. Synephrine, for example, is an ingredient that is derived from Bitter Orange extract. Many diet pill marketers claim that this ingredient provides a safe alternative to epinephrine. Epinephrine used to be used for its ability to increase the speed of the metabolism. Unfortunately, it also came with dangerous side effects and is now banned by the FDA.

Many experts and dieticians have yet to accept Synephrine, saying that it is also an ingredient that comes with a number of risks, as it functions by causing blood vessel constriction. Reputable medical organizations such as the Mayo Clinic have said that it can increase a user’s chance of experiencing a heart attack or a stroke, though they admit that further study is required.

With that being considered, it is not an uncommon belief that Solidax diet pills may not be safe for everyone to take.

The advantages of Solidax diet pills are that it can be ordered from a number of different places online. Furthermore, there are many testimonials and reviews available online to provide a broader amount of information about the product.

On the other hand, the disadvantages include the fact that there is no advertised 100 percent money back guarantee for customers who buy Solidax diet pills but who are not satisfied with their purchase. Furthermore, as one of the ingredients of the product is causing debate among experts regarding its safety, this is also causing customers to balk before choosing it.

Solidax diet pills have never been tested in controlled, standardized study, and the manufacturer does not offer a free sample of the product in order to allow customers to test their reaction to the product without any financial risk.

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