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Sliminate diet pills are marketed as a weight loss supplement that is produced by an Asian company called Kunming Dali LLC. This manufacturer already produces a drug marketed for the same purpose, called LiDa DaiDaihua, which has been proven to be entirely ineffective and which has also been listed in the long list of drugs the FDA produced a year ago to warn of tainted diet pills. That being said, Sliminate diet pills were also added to this list.

If you come across the sale of Sliminate, it would be wise of you to not only avoid this tainted product, but you may also consider avoiding any website or store that offers that product. There are some severe health risks that are associated with taking Sliminate, so it should be entirely avoided and the FDA tainted weight loss pills list should be taken quite seriously.

That being said, even if Sliminate diet pills weren’t dangerous, the claims that it made were wholly unbelievable, so it should still be avoided as it would be ineffective. After all, its marketing materials made statements such as “…you can eat anything you want like your skinny friends and still burn off the excess weight”. It is not hard to tell that this statement is completely ridiculous and that even, somehow, if it was a miracle drug, the weight would rebound after you stopped using it because it doesn’t help you to develop proper eating and activity habits.

The listed ingredients within banned Sliminate are: Bitter orange, Job’s Tears Seed, Cassia Tora L, and Mulberry Leaf extract. This does not include any ingredients that were unlisted but that may have been found by the FDA causing it to be labeled as tainted.

Bitter orange is an ingredient often included in diet supplements because of its metabolism stimulation properties. It has two chemicals in it called synephrine and octopamine which behave in a similar way to the ephedrine that is contained in ephedra. It boosts energy levels while reducing the appetite. Though there have yet to be any studies of just bitter orange alone for weight loss benefits, it has a good track record when combined with caffeine and St. John’s Wort. That being said, there are many health risks and complications that are associated with bitter orange, including heart arrhythmia, raised blood pressure, and increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

Job’s tears seeds are often used in traditional Chinese medicine. Though it has very powerful antioxidant properties, it is also a strong diuretic. While there is no evidence that this ingredient helps your body to lose weight, it does flush fluid from your tissues, making it seem as though you’ve lost weight, when it is only a temporary result of dehydration, and the “weight” will return once you’ve rehydrated.

Cassia Tora L is also a diuretic used for flushing out water and, like Job’s tears seeds, has no scientific backing for assisting in weight loss.

Mulberry leaf is another herb often utilized in traditional Chinese medicine. It is effective for lowering blood sugar levels. For this reason, some people use it to help to treat diabetes. Human studies are lacking to show that this ingredient has any impact on weight loss.

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