Slimaluma Plus Reviews

slimaluma plus reviews

Slimaluma Plus is the patent name of the weight loss supplement form of Caralluma Fimbriata called Slimaluma Extract in this product, supported by a few other ingredients.  Interestingly, the ingredients list for this product has been quite long, but it is that first ingredient that remains in the spotlight of the product’s marketing.

The pill’s purpose is to make it easier for dieters to lose weight through the use of natural ingredients.

What is Caralluma Fibriata in Slimaluma Plus?

Caralluma Fimbriata is a plant that has been used in India for centuries in order to suppress hunger in times of famine. It is used as a regular ingredient, cooked in the same way as vegetables, as well as included in preserves or simply eaten raw.

It is marketed as an appetite suppressing ingredient for the purposes of Slimaluma Plus, despite the fact that it doesn’t have a substantial body of reputable evidence to support that claim.

What Does this Diet Pill Claim to Do?

As a supplement called Slimaluma Plus, it is marketed as a product in the form of a pill or capsule, that will block fat from accumulating and stops the sensation of being hungry from being produced by the brain.

According to these claims, if you don’t feel as hungry and your body is blocked from accumulating fat, then you will lose weight much more easily. Though this should be especially true if used in conjunction with a diet that includes reasonable portions, healthy nutrition, and regular exercise, which are actually the keys to weight loss, nothing on any of the marketing materials for Slimaluma Plus mentions that they recommend proper diet and exercise in order to reap the best benefits from the supplement.


There have been only two clinical trial performed on this supplement using humans, one of which was held in India, and one which occurred in the United States. It’s important to note that both were very small and are considered to be preliminary at best.  Neither of the studies is considered to be conclusive.

Though neither of these trials actually proved that the supplement actually works for effective weight loss, they both did suggest that as long as it is taken strictly according to the directions on the label, it is safe for human consumption.  Still, it’s important to remember that those studies were not large scale and did not continue beyond several weeks.

That being said, the pill has not yet been either evaluated or approved by the FDA, so its efficacy has not been accepted by the official agency for the United States.  This is the case for all supplements as the FDA does not regulate them in the same way as it does medications.

Other Ingredients in Slimaluma Plus

Slimaluma Plus includes other natural ingredients such as Caralluma Fimbriata, Yerba Mate and Green Tea.  This formula once also contained a trademarked ingredient called Slim 10 which contained 10 other popular ingredients – such as hoodia – but that is no longer the case.

It should be noted that Hoodia – though it has received a great deal of press – had never been shown to be beneficial to weight loss in a single scientific trial. Furthermore, green tea, though it can be beneficial to weight loss, is required in larger quantities than are likely contained in Slimaluma Plus by Now. This helps to explain why Now Foods – the company behind the product – chose to remove it.

Also eliminated from this formula was caffeine, which had actually been the most widely researched among all the ingredients in these pills. Caffeine would have given an energy boost and will flush out extra water from the tissues, which will give the illusion of weight loss for a short while.  That said, many people avoid stimulants because they already get enough of them in a day through their own coffee, tea or energy drink consumption, or they are sensitive to the effects of stimulants and experience side effects from them. This could explain why that substance was removed.

Still, it should be pointed out that yerba mate is a stimulant ingredient which contains caffeine.  Therefore, while the caffeine was removed as its own separate ingredient, there are still caffeinated ingredients in this formula to provide an energizing effect.  For dieters seeking a product without stimulants, this is not the product they are looking for.

At the time this review was written, this Slimaluma Plus contained 500 milligrams of Slimaluma Extract (Caralluma Fimbriata), 200 milligrams of green tea extract and 200 milligrams of yerba mate extract.

Who Uses This Diet Pill?

Slimaluma Plus was developed for adults seeking to lose weight. It is not appropriate for children aged 18 or younger, for pregnant women, nursing mothers or for anyone taking a medication or who has a medical condition.  These warnings are explicitly printed on the bottle in order to ensure that users will not suffer from a known conflict.

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