Saba ACE Reviews

Saba ACE review

Saba ACE is an over the counter supplement that has been designed to provide dieters with added assistance to get more out of the dieting strategies they are attempting to follow. This product is manufactured by AMS Health Services, which is a business that sells a number of different kinds of supplements in several health and wellness categories.

The manufacturer has created an official website for the Saba brand, and this product does have a dedicated page on that site, but after only the briefest glance at what it contains, it is more than clear that the intentions of the site are to make sales and not to inform customers. Indeed, there is some information on the site about Saba ACE, but it is exceptionally limited.

The page is offers a single-sentence description of the produce that focuses primarily on the fact that the formula contains five ingredients. It lists the uses for the product as being weight management, energy and appetite control, without providing any additional details as to how that is possible through the use of this product. It also lists all the ingredients of the product without indicating how much of each substance was used, why they were included in the formula or whether or not there has been any reputable research conducted in order to support the claims made about their benefits.

At the time of the writing of this review, the ingredients listed on the official webpage for Saba ACE were: chromium, garcinia cambogia extract, green coffee bean extract, konjac (umbrella arum root), L-carnitine, phenylethylamine, raspberry ketone, saffron extract, vanadium, and vitamins B6 and B12.

It is evident by this list that the manufacturer chose many of the ingredients in this formulation based more on their popularity in the media than it was due to any positive evidence received through reputable scientific study. Many of these ingredients were thrown into popularity after receiving mentions by Dr. Oz, the popular television personality. However, after having been in hot water with a federal Senate committee in the United States, Dr. Oz has since withdrawn his claims aobut substances such as garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketone. He has called his claims a “mistake” and yet many companies have continued to work them into their formulas.

Due to the fact that there isn’t yet any medical evidence that would indicate that this product is safe or effective, it would be a struggle to come up with a reason to recommend this Saba ACE.

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