Orlistat Diet Pills

orlistat diet pills

Orlistat advertises itself as being a diet pill ingredient that allows its users to eat whatever foods they want, no matter how fattening, and there will never be any negative consequences. It claims to be made of a chemical that disallows fat from being able to enter the bloodstream. The logic behind this is that if a dieter doesn’t have to be as careful and can eat all of his or her favorite foods, then it will be much easier to lose the weight. It is the featured ingredient in many diet supplements that have received a great deal of hype lately, such as Alli®.

Orlistat is a diet supplement ingredient that functions by stopping specific stomach enzymes that are used for digestion. Enzymes are critical to digestion as they are responsible for breaking down the consumed food so that it becomes substances that the body can use for energy (amylase for breaking down starch carbohydrates, pepsin to break down protein, and lipase for digesting fats). They are essential to drawing the nutrition from food. This being said, Orlistat is supposed to be able to reduce the enzyme lipase which is responsible for breaking down the fats and allowing them to enter the rest of the body. Instead, fats that are consumed are sent away with the rest of the waste material so that it can leave the body.

There have been some unpleasant side effects reported by some users of the drug. The most common of these is digestive upset and issues such as oily stool. Many experts are also beginning to believe that by frequently using a chemical enzyme blocker, permanent consequences may occur regarding the reduction of that enzyme’s production.

At the time of this review over-the-counter diet pills containing Orlistat as a part of their formula can be found online for anywhere from $30 to $50 or more. This being said, there are also prescription-strength drugs that contain Orlistat, such as Xenical, which are available at a wide range of prices that are based on many factors such as the specific pharmacy or if there is coverage with a drug plan.

It is very important to speak to a qualified doctor before ever using a product that includes Orlistat among its ingredients. It is a serious chemical with the potential for significant long-term effects as well as short-term side effects. There are many other enzyme blocking ingredients on the market today. Discuss other options with a doctor before settling on Orlistat.

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