Original Natural KLB6 Reviews

Original Natural KLB6 Reviews

The Original Natural KLB6 is a nonprescription diet supplement that is marketed as being a dieters support formula. This product is manufactured and packaged by the same company that developed it, Holland & Barrett.

This product is based primarily on a combination of kelp and vitamin B6. These ingredients are meant to help dieters to find it easier to be able to lose weight as a part of their overall effort that includes exercise and diet. To do this, it has created a formula that includes the following ingredients: soya bean oil, soya lecithin, maltodextrin, yellow beeswax (thickener), kelp, vitamin B6, and apple cider vinegar.

The manufacturer took careful measures to ensure that provided the active ingredients – lecithin, kelp, vitamin B6 and apple cider vinegar – are appropriate for a given dieter, then there will be as little risk of dietary conflict as possible. This is because they have not used any preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, no milk, no starch, no lactose, no wheat, no gluten, no fish, and no porcine ingredients.

In order to use Original Natural KLB6 according to the directions, two tablets are to be taken three times per day. For best results, those tablets should be taken with meals. No more than six pills should be taken within any 24 hour period.

Overall, Original Natural KLB6 is a health supplement. At no point in on its official webpage on the manufacturer’s website did it specify exactly what it was supposed to do to help a dieter to be able to lose weight, at the time that this article was written. It simply implied that it was a “support formula” on the bottle label, saying nothing other than that. It did not make any specific promises about fat burning, fat blocking, appetite suppression, carb blocking, or any other form of specific benefits that are typically cited in nonprescription weight loss formulas. It also did not directly say that its use could lead to better, faster, or greater weight loss than would be achieved without its use.

No studies were cited on the website that would suggest that the pills or their ingredients have been linked to weight loss results by any scientific studies or research. A brief search of an index of medical journals did not reveal any large and trusted studies that had been published on the subject of this product or its ingredients in terms of weight loss benefits.

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