Obalon Reviews

Obalon reviews

Obalon is a unique addition to the nonprescription weight loss product world. It is in the form of a diet pill but it behaves in a way that is quite different from most others currently being sold. The capsule doesn’t contain a number of different herbs or chemicals as is typically the case. Instead, it is taken only once and it acts like a balloon that inflates in the stomach in order to make the user feel full more quickly and to make sure that the feeling will remain for a longer period of time. This form of appetite suppression is meant to help to prevent dieters from eating too much food.

The design of Obalon is meant to function in a way that would provide similar results to that of a gastric band, but without having to undergo the surgery. While this product doesn’t require a prescription, at the time of this review, it was available only in the United Kingdom and required consultations from a private healthcare company in order to make certain that it is right for the individual dieter. On the website, the recommendation is that it be used only by people who have a BMI of 27 or higher and who have struggled with weight loss.

When using these pills, the dieter is monitored throughout the entire time by healthcare professionals in order to ensure that complications and side effects can be avoided or overcome. On the downside, the program itself is quite expensive when compared to the typical type of diet pill, considering the amount of direct healthcare monitoring that is required. Moreover, many people may not be thrilled to hear that while the balloons are easy to take by swallowing a pill, they must be removed by endoscopy. The potential side effects of using this product can be quite damaging, so it is very important to discuss these pills with a doctor before going to one of the healthcare centers to receive the opinion of the company selling the product.

When the pill is taken, each balloon will sit in the system for twelve weeks. Treatments can include between one and three balloons, depending on the individual. Each additional balloon comes with a higher cost above the initial fees.

Full clinical trials have been conducted on Obalon and there have been some positive results that have been measured. However, there are still only certain people who are eligible to take it. It is very important that this product be well understood before taking it as the disadvantages and potential drawbacks are just as numerous as the possible benefits.

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