Nutripex Reviews

Nutripex review

Nutripex is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that has gained a tremendous amount of attention since Dr. Oz spoke about it on his show. Though he didn’t necessarily endorse the product, it was just the marketing that the product needed to get people talking about it.

The marketing for Nutripex calls the product the “lap band in a bottle”, which implies that it is a very powerful product if it is going to have an impact of that level. According to the manufacturer, it functions in three different ways to help dieters to be able to promote weight loss: appetite suppression, cravings reduction, and a metabolic boost. In order to discover whether or not these diet pills actually have a shot at working it is important to look at the ingredients list.

There is only one ingredient in the formula, which is Asian Yam root. The description for Nutripex says that this ingredient works by expanding in the stomach when it comes in contact with water. When it is swallowed with enough water, it turns into a substance that is somewhat like a gel and helps to fill the stomach to minimize hunger. These are similar claims to those associated with glucomannan. It is known that fiber, in general, can work to decrease hunger levels. However, the impact of fiber is nowhere near that of lap band surgery. Therefore, it should be recognized that the primary claim about this product is a considerable exaggeration.

It should also be noted that when further research was conducted into Asian Yam root, it was discovered that this is the exact same thing as glucomannan. That substance has been found to be only mildly effective under ideal circumstances and is nowhere near as effective as having lap band surgery.

This should raise some serious red flags as you look into the claims that are being made, as they are clearly greatly exaggerated and involve an ingredient commonly used in the nonprescription weight loss industry but that hasn’t been proven to be highly effective. Moreover, this ingredient, on its own, is sold under many different names, which means that this product is also hardly unique.

What is good about Nutripex is that it is a natural source of fiber and that it does have the chance to be somewhat effective if used properly. However, it should not be considered as an alternative to surgery as the manufacturer suggests.

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