Nuphedrine Reviews

nuphedrine reviews

The marketing materials put out by the distributors of Nuphedrine concentrate very hard on their statement that says that the drug contains two of the most effective ingredients possible for weight loss drugs, combined into one pill. That being said, though there are indeed two ingredients in the pill, this neither makes Nuphedrine any different from dozens of other weight loss pills in the market, nor does it indicate that the drug is at all effective. Though the marketing does make it appear as though the medication is something unique and worthwhile, neither of these is the case.

The two ingredients about which Nuphedrine attempts to create so much excitement in its marketing, such as on its official website are: Hoodia Gordonii and Advantra-Z. If there are any more ingredients in the formula, it fails to disclose them in any of their official publications. It does claim that those are the only two ingredients, as well as Simaluma, which has a registered trademark symbol next to it. It claims not to contain cheap ingredients or any fillers.

The trouble legitimate reviewers are having with drugs like this one is the fact that it pushes hoodia as a kind of miracle ingredient. In fact, it has only been the result of media hype that the ingredient has become so popular, and not because of any kind of actual results or positive outcomes in reputable studies. That being said, there are absolutely no studies or supporting research that indicates that hoodia can stand up to its claims of being an appetite suppressor.

The closest evidence hoodia has to indicate that it has any impact at all on the appetite is the fact that the cactus was traditionally used among some desert people in the Kalahari in order to keep hunger pangs under control during famines or long journeys. This benefit has not been seen in clinical studies – especially in the chemical form used in diet drugs, where any impact it would have is significantly reduced. Therefore, any drug that contains and advertises hoodia among its ingredients should be questioned, not just Nuphedrine.

The other main ingredient in Nuphedrine is Advantra-Z which is a stimulant. Some researchers do actually support this one because it contains synephrine as its active ingredient, which works in a similar way to ephedrine but with decreased unpleasant side effects.

If you are truly convinced that you should be using Nuphedrine, make sure to talk to your doctor first. Though he or she will be able to guide you with its safest use, the odds are that he or she will suggest a more effective drug instead.

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