Novex Biotech Cutting Gel Reviews

Novex Biotech Cutting Gel Review

Novex Biotech Cutting Gel is a topical weight loss product that has also gone by the names NutraSport Cutting Gel and Epidril. That said, no matter the name of the product, it is still highly controversial and is the same one that has been undergoing some scrutiny by the FDA for having made some claims that it is not capable of substantiating.

The manufacturer of NutraSport Cutting Gel changed the name to Epidril, only to take that down from the market for a while – though it never stopped being available on market shelves. Now, the product is back under its new name of Novex Biotech Cutting Gel and is available all over the internet, including on the popular GNC website.

The claim is that Novex Biotech Cutting Gel is a fat burning cream. To use this cream, it is rubbed vigorously into areas of the body that are causing a dieter to struggle with weight loss or for bodybuilders who are hoping to eliminate more fat from an area so that their muscles will appear more defined as the fat layer overtop of them has been reduced. The directions on the package say that the product should be applied in this manner shortly before a workout. The claim is that by applying the product immediately before a workout, the fat burning process within that specific area is amplified.

At the time that Epidril was no longer being manufactured, it was going for about $60 per bottle. Now that it is back under the name Novex Biotech Cutting Gel, it is much pricier, at a tremendous $79.99 per bottle on the official website for the product. When looking at the ingredients list, the first few substances are lecithin, water (aqua), octyl palmitate, alcohol, glycerine, caramel color, fragrance, and a few number of others. Considering the top ingredients, that price tag of almost $80, plus shipping and handling, is a substantial one taking the high levels of water, alcohol, glycerin, and caramel color into account.

That said, it also includes aminophylline, which is a common ingredient in this type of topical product. That substance is alternatively used for asthma treatment. Third party studies have been showing that this ingredient does have some impact in decreasing the amount of fatty tissue when it is applied topically. That said, the safety or effectiveness has not been evaluated by the FDA, yet. Unfortunately, little else within the complete formula indicates that there will be any additional benefit beyond that one ingredient.

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