MooreSkinny Reviews

mooreskinny reviews

MooreSkinny is a product that its manufacturer, MooreMuscle, calls a fat burner that will help to support weight loss.  That said, it is marketed primarily toward body builders who are seeking to reduce any fat layer over their muscles that is inhibiting its definition.

When examining the formula for MooreSkinny, there are some rather startling factors within it.  For example, it is a combination of a natural laxative, a stimulant, and a diuretic.  All of this sounds a great deal more like a combination to be taken following the bulking for body building than a basic fat burner.  As a fat burner for individuals looking to reduce body fat for standard weight loss purposes, there are much better, safer, and less expensive formulas available on the market.

Among the ingredients found within the MooreSkinny formula are: caffeine anhydrous, psyllium, uva ursi, and juniper berry.  There are also several other substances in this complex.  As all of the ingredients are combined within a proprietary blend, any of the individual quantities are unknown.  This also means that there is no way to tell how much caffeine, for example, is contained within this product, which can be uncomfortable for some dieters and risky for others.

Another problem that was found with this formula is that caffeine was paired with a diuretic.  As caffeine already naturally helps with the expulsion of additional fluids out of the tissues, an additional diuretic is not required, but one has been added anyway.  This, in combination with the fact that there is also a laxative is worrisome.  The reason is that these are not fat burners and don’t help to decrease fat levels in any way.  Instead, they cause the body to become more dehydrated, which can lead to a number of negative side effects.  For some, this can be quite dangerous to their health and damaging to certain internal organs.

It is important that MooreSkinny not be taken by individuals who are already taking dietary supplements, prescription medications, diuretic drugs or supplements, or laxative products.  This product can interfere with the absorption of other substances and medications and is therefore not appropriate for use by certain individuals.

This product should also not be taken in the second half of the day, as the large number of stimulants that it contains may interfere with an individual’s ability to sleep and cause insomnia.

It is highly recommended that a doctor’s advice be received before taking MooreSkinny.

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