LotusLite Plus Reviews

LotusLite Plus Reviews

LotusLite Plus is a nonprescription diet supplement that was created by a team at a company called LotusLite LLC, which creates what it calls “skinny pills”. At the time that this review was written, the manufacturer was providing a considerable amount of information both about itself and the products that it sells. There was a complete website and a Facebook page dedicated to this purpose.

LotusLite Plus is the original product made by this company, which now has four other offerings, as well. This “natural skinny pill” was created by individuals whose story was shared on the website. It indicated that this team of people – which appears to be made up of a dozen women and one man – had previously found themselves unsatisfied with the results that they were experiencing through the use of other weight loss pills. Therefore, they created their original formula to help to overcome the struggles left behind by the competition.

The homepage of the website for this product features a picture of the team, which is made up of attractive, healthy, fit looking people who – the visitor assumes – have used this product to help to achieve their current appearances. Whether or not this is actually the case doesn’t actually prove that this pill will help any other dieter.

It is important to take a closer look at these pills, what is in their formula, and how they are used, in order to be able to know whether or not they are worth buying. In this, it is important to point out that purchasing these weight loss supplements also provides a user with access to additional support features from the website, which includes helpful resources such as a meal planner. This can be very helpful to a dieter who doesn’t want to fall into the false expectation that they will be able to lose weight simply by popping a pill, as that type of product has never been created in reality (no matter what some other unethical sales materials would suggest).

The ingredients that make up the LotusLife Plus formula include lotus leaf, green tea, daikon seeds, and fu ling. The first two ingredients do have some research to support their use as a promoter of weight loss through the improved use of fats and increased fat burning by way of thermogenesis. The last two ingredients are focused more on water retention, with daikon seeds helping to reduce bloating and fu ling being a diuretic.

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