Liposinol Reviews

Liposinol reviews

Liposinol is an over the counter product that is designed to function as a fat burner that will allow dieters to lose weight more easily, particularly in the case of more “stubborn” fat. This type of claim is made very frequently by over the counter weight loss products. In order to understand whether or not Liposinol might be able to include itself among the diet pills that actually work, it is important to look at a number of different factors, including its ingredients.

The only ingredient in this diet pill is called Litramine. It is a substance that the manufacturer claims will bind to fat particles in the stomach so that they cannot be absorbed into the body and will therefore pass through the system, undigested. This ingredient is made out of a natural fiber taken from prickly pear. Otherwise known as Opuntia ficus indica, this plant grows in areas such as Mexico. It is one of the latest fad ingredients and is often found in nonprescription diet supplements.

There have been a number of small and limited clinical trials that have been conducted on this ingredient. Though there have been conflicting results, including research that suggests that there is no measurable weight loss as a result of the use of this product, there was one small study that indicated that up to 27 percent of consumed fat can be blocked by this substance. Additional benefits that have been associated with the use of this ingredient include improved cholesterol levels. That said, this same reduction in cholesterol could be a direct impact of weight loss and not the ingredient itself.

There are some side effects associated with the use of opuntia ficus indica. These include nausea, diarrhea, bloating, headache, and increased frequency and quantity of bowel movements.

The official website for this product is quite informative and explains the product in a clear way. The primary problem that was identified at the time of this review is that the official website didn’t state the actual amount of the ingredient that is contained within the product. Without knowing this, it is impossible to know whether or not it is possible for this product to live up to the benefits identified in the small study suggesting that it can potentially work. As the study was on the ingredient, not the product, it isn’t clear whether or not the product contains the same amount of Litramine as was studied in the research.

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