Kilo Off Reviews

Kilo Off reviews

Kilo Off is an over the counter diet pill that is manufactured by a French company known as Laboratoires Vitarmonyl. This business is quite large and has an array of different distributors that will ship its products around the globe.

According to claims made by one of those distributors (Amirose London) on its official website, this product functions to help dieters to drop the extra pounds by acting as a fat burner, a hunger suppressant, and even a diuretic. Its promise is that it will help a dieter to be able to “maintain” their flat middle. This wording seems to suggest that it doesn’t actually help to achieve the flat belly, but that it actually helps users to be able to keep the weight off once they have already managed to lose it in some other way.

To begin an investigation into Kilo Off and the claims that it has made, it is important that a consumer examine the various ingredients that comprise the formula for these diet pills. According to the official website, this is a clinically proven product, and this proof stems from “efficacy study no. 2204 carried out over 20 days, as a part of a varied and balanced diet”. Unfortunately, the website did not take the extra step of identifying who conducted the study, where it occurred, who was involved, and what methods were used. There is no way of knowing whether this was tested on rats or humans, or if it was simply taken by one of the employees over a weekend to declare that it had been proven safe and effective.

No mention whatsoever was made of the amount of weight that was lost by the users in this “study”. Of course, that would make sense if this is merely a product meant to stop weight from returning as opposed to enhancing weight loss.

The formula for Kilo Off includes a number of powerful ingredients that are commonly seen in the nonprescription weight loss industry. These include green tea, green coffee, “mate” (which this reviewer is assuming to be yerba mate), cherry stalks, meadowsweet, grape marc, orange peel, cynorrhodon, pineapple extract, papaya extract, citrus pectins, apple pectins, guar gum, cider vinegar, chromium and a long list of B vitamins, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Stimulants are clearly the center of the performance of this product. Many of those ingredients contain caffeine or some other stimulants, including the green tea, green coffee, and the yerba mate (if that is what they mean by “mate”), which are the top ingredients.

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