Fulfill Plus Reviews

Fulfill Plus review

Fulfill Plus is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that has been developed by the manufacturer called Scheffler Plantafood GmbH. That company also identifies itself as Plantafood Medical, which is notably easier to pronounce and remember. That company is based in Germany and creates and distributes a range of different types of dietary supplement in the health and wellness category. It ships its products to several different countries, though it appears that the United Kingdom and Ireland are among its top importers.

Some of its products are distributed under the name of the World Foods Brand Management Ltd. company. That company is responsible for the manufacture of a number of different kinds of dietary supplement both in the weight loss category as well as a number of others.

The official website of the manufacturer is entirely in German, but it does not look as though it provides any information about any of its specific products, in any language. The website was consulted by way of an online translator that translated its pages into English, and no information about a single specific product could be located. That said, there also wasn’t any information to be found about the specific products on the distributor’s official website, either.

That said, there are a range of third party websites that sell Fulfill Plus, and they offer a solid spectrum of different types of information, which was used in order to complete this review. In the effort to discover information about this product, no reports were found on rip-off or scam reporting websites, which is good news for people considering Fulfill Plus.

The description of Fulfill Plus on the sales sites indicates that these diet pills were developed by a German doctor who was looking for a method of consuming smaller portion sizes without suffering from hunger pangs. At the time that this review was written, the actual name of that doctor could not be found. Aside from the brief story about why the product was designed, no more information was offered about that supposed medical professional.

It appears that the only active ingredient within the Fulfill Plus formula is a substance called plantago ovatae. That ingredient is also known by the name of ispaghula husk and is a form of soluble dietary fiber. It is assumed that this ingredient is what is supposed to cause the appetite suppression, because it is known to absorb water and expand. If this process occurs within the stomach, the idea is that the dieter will feel more full but that the fiber will not actually be absorbed by the body. Therefore, they will be able to eat less, feel more full, but not take in the extra calories.

Unfortunately, no studies could be found that would suggest that this ingredient can be directly linked to actual weight loss.

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