Forza Capsicum Chilli 2:2:1 Reviews

Forza Capsicum Chilli 2:2:1 reviews

Forza Capsicum Chili 2:2:1 is an over the counter supplement that is marketed in the weight loss category. It is made by a company called Forza Supplements, which is a branch of a larger organization called Forza Industries. It manufactures several different similar products that are each based on their own primary ingredient that is included in the name. In this case, it is capsicum chilli.

On the official webpage for this product on the manufacturer’s website, it never actually specifically states what it is supposed to do in order to enhance a dieter’s ability to lose weight. Traditionally, capsicum is marketed as a fat burner as can cause the body’s temperature to rise in a process known as thermogenesis. In order to produce that extra heat, more calories or stored fats must be used as fuel. This is somewhat of a controversial claim, though, within the medical industry, because while this is true, it is unknown as to whether or not that effect is powerful enough to actually generate measurable weight loss, or if it does accelerate fat burning, but not enough to make any difference.

In the case of Forza Capsicum Chili 2:2:1, that claim is never specifically made. It just calls itself a “red hot diet supplement” that offers powerful vitamin support. It is meant to be taken at a rate of 2 pills in the morning and another 1 in the afternoon, for a total of 3 pills per day. The website says that the pill brings natural chilli pepper extract together with “a special energy blend and fiery thermo system”. It talks about the ways in which it has been able to bring the capsicum to a pill without causing the type of gastric upset that would be caused by eating that quantity in the form of actual hot peppers. While it does say that it generates “extra heat, power, and thermal energy”, it never once claims that this will boost fat burning or the rate of measurable weight loss.

The ingredients that make up the Forza Capsicum Chili 2:2:1 formula include capsicum extract, pure caffeine, and a “PyroBlend™” of vitamin B1, vitamin B3, and black pepper extract. It is unknown why that blend has been labeled in that way as neither of those vitamins is a known thermogenic, and black pepper extract is typically included in supplements not for any kind of capsicum extract (as it is not present), but because it can help the other ingredients absorb more efficiently into the body.

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