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Fenophen is one of any products that ends their name with “phen” in order to try to take advantage of the success of other pills that have been proven effective that begin with those letters. Though this can often be a signal that the product cannot be trusted, in the case of this diet supplement, it does actually include more than one ingredient which have been associated with some weight loss results. To know whether or not this is the right choice, however, requires further investigation.

The first issue that should be pointed out is that Fenophen diet pills do not have an official website that has been created by the manufacturer. This is often a red flag for weight loss supplements, as it means that any information available is only through third party distributors, reviews, and customer testimonials and feedback. A lack of an official site can make it very challenging to feel certain that you have correct information and that you are making a proper choice based on what you have learned. It also creates doubts as it is a sign that the manufacturer is not willing to put forth as much support for their product as is often available with this type of product.

According to third party sources, the ingredients in the Fenophen formula include African mango seed extract, chromax, idena greenselect phytosome green tea, cissus quadrangularis, and dicaffeine malate.

The three ingredients that have been considered to be the most effective within this formula according to scientific studies are chromax, green tea, and dicaffeine malate. Chromax is a form of chromium, which helps to control blood glucose levels so that sugar and other carbohydrate cravings don’t occur between meals. It is not a powerful effect, but it can sometimes be enough to make the difference between snacking and staying on track.

Green tea, when used in adequate quantities (ideally at least 300 to 350 mg per serving) is proven to help to increase the metabolism so that it will burn fat and calories more quickly and easily. However, Fenophen contains only 100 mg, so it may not have enough of this ingredient to make any difference at all.

Dicaffeine malate is simply another form of caffeine, that has been altered to try to minimize the related side effects. Fenophen contains 150 milligrams of this substance, which is about twice the optimal level for boosting the metabolism and energy levels. Unfortunately, adding more caffeine doesn’t make it more effective, but does make it more likely to create unwanted effects such as heart palpitations, headaches, jitters, and sleeplessness.

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