Ephedra Diet Pills

Ephedra Diet Pills

Ephedra (also known as Ma huang, Chinese Ephedra and epitonin) is the worlds oldest medicine. The Chinese discovered ephedra more than 5000 years ago. Research has shown that ephedra increases metabolism and helps promote weight loss, relaxes the air passages in the lungs to help treat asthma and cough, promotes perspiration to help a person recover from a minor cold and helps promote urination to help relieve edema.

Ephedra diet pills have been widely researched for their thermogenic (fat burning) properties. Research has show that ephedra helps promote the loss of fat while helping spare lean muscle tissue, a highly sought-after property that prescription diet medications still have not been able to reproduce.

The Bottom line is: People love ephedra because it is one of the only natural herbs that you can feel working in real-time. There is no doubt about it – ephedra is the most effective and results oriented weight-loss herb available. Ephedra has been proven to boost your metabolism, increase your energy, enhance your bodies natural fat burning capacity, and accelerate the rate at which you burn calories.

On August 17, 2006, a federal appeals court upheld the FDA ban on ephedra, overturning the 2005 ruling that allowed the sale of products containing 10 mg or less of ephedra.

The court ruled that the 133,000 page administrative record, which included 19,000 adverse events reports, compiled by the FDA was sufficient to support the initial finding that supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids at any dose posed an unreasonable risk of illness and injury and that the risk-benefit analysis was required.

The FDA stated that no dose of dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids was safe and that the sale of ephedra diet pills in the United States was illegal and subject to enforcement action.

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