Dietrine Reviews

dietrine reviews

Dietrine diet pills are formulated to function as carbohydrate blockers that will stop carbs from being absorbed into the body as it boosts the metabolism, increases energy levels, provides appetite suppression, and burns fat. That said, regardless of the fact that it is advertised as having an energy boosting effect, it also claims to be “100 percent safe and stimulant-free”.

The marketing for Dietrine diet pills is geared equally toward men and women. The capsules are taken in doses of two at a time before meals, and each bottle contains 60 capsules for a cost of $39.95. This means that one bottle contains thirty doses or ten days’ worth of pills (at three meals per day). The official website sells Dietrine diet pills at a discounted rate where you receive two free bottles when you buy one – a full month’s supply.

Dietrine diet pills are nonprescription and can be ordered from many sites online. On average, customer feedback has shown that 6.5 pounds are lost over a thirty day period, meaning that users of this supplement lose an average of just over one pound every week with its use.

The product is manufactured in the United States, and the official website offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

Though the complete list of ingredients for Dietrine diet pills is not available on the official website at the time of this review, it is known to contain Vanadium – which they claim stimulates the metabolism – white kidney bean extract (also known as Phase 2 and phaseolus vulgaris) – which they claim absorbs starch and sugar consumed by the user and blocks it from being absorbed by the body – and chromium – which they claim help to balance glucose levels in the blood.

Though this appear like a promising product at first glance, there is unfortunately very little reputable clinical proof that would indicate that the ingredients or the formula itself will be effective for weight loss. Moreover, some of the ingredients are known to cause negative reactions in some individuals. There is no indication that this product has received approval from the FDA.

While Dietrine diet pills do look like they would probably offer the user an energy boost, there isn’t much indication in terms of clinical evidence that they would provide anything above that, or that they can live up to their claims to minimize hunger or increase the metabolism. As this is the case, the pills are not approved by the FDA, and the formula contains ingredients that can cause unpleasant reactions, many dieters choose to take a different route in terms of their choice of weight loss supplements.

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