Carb Blocker X-Sculpt Xtreme Reviews

Carb Blocker X-Sculpt Xtreme Review

Carb Blocker X-Sculpt Xtreme is an over the counter diet pill from Xtrategy Nutrition. The primary benefits it supposedly provides dieters seeking to drop excess pounds is the promotion of fat burning, boosted energy levels and the toning of muscles.

More specifically, Xtrategy claims that this product supports healthy weight management and weight loss through the blocking of carbohydrates/starches and supporting the body’s utilization of sugar as energy fuel. Insulin activity is also supposed to be enhanced while increased glucose uptake supposedly helps to diminish sugar cravings.

Carb Blocker X-Sculpt Xtreme Formula

The Carb Blocker X-Sculpt Xtreme ingredients include:

  • Chromium

Proprietary Blend

  • Chitosan
  • Gymnema Leaf Powder
  • White Kidney Beans Powder
  • Biter Orange Fruit Powder
  • Largestroemia speciosa Leaf Powder
  • Niter Melon Fruit Powder
  • Organic Cassia Bark Powder
  • L-Tryptophan
  • Magnolia Bark Extract (as Relora)
  • Phellodendron Bark Extract (as Relora)

This weight management aid does contain ingredients that are believed to block carbs and have an effect on blood sugar.

Will Carb Blocking Lead to Weight Loss?

  1. The top three ingredients in the Carb Blocker X-Sculpt Xtreme proprietary blend are:Chitosan – This is a fibrous substance that may block the absorption of dietary fat and cholesterol.
  2. White kidney bean – A fiber that may help to prevent the absorption of cholesterol and increase the elimination of fat from the diet.
  3. Gymnema – May lower the body’s absorption of sugar from the intestine and increase the amount of insulin in the body.

To be clear, all of these ingredients have been studied for their effects on weight loss, but none have been proven effective. Of all the ingredients listed, white kidney bean is often hailed as a carb or starch blocker for its ability to act as an alpha-amylase inhibitor.

Some early research has found that white kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) may help to lower body weight and waist size in overweight individuals who consume high amounts of carbohydrates and take doses of 1000 mg three times daily. That said studies have found that taking lower doses of the extract does not seem to lower body weight.

With that said, it is unknown what amount of white kidney bean is in a single serving of Carb Blocker X-Sculpt Xtreme, because the amount of each ingredient within the propriety blend has not been indicated.  Still, even if there was a sufficient amount of white kidney bean in each dose, research suggests that more studies with larger groups of participants is needed to validate findings.

What to Keep In Mind

Ultimately, there is no guarantee that taking this product or any product that claims to be a carb blocker will help you lose weight.

Moreover, before taking Carb Blocker X-Sculpt Xtreme be sure to talk to your doctor and avoid taking this product if you are allergic to shellfish, are pregnant, nursing, have diabetes or a medical condition that affects blood sugar.

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