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The manufacturers of Cacticurve says that it is the top fat blocker and appetite suppressant in the country. This makes it only one of dozens of other products that all make this same claim. Unfortunately, all too often, when examined under a microscope, it doesn’t take long to discover that the pills about which these claims are made are not capable of living up to this title.

To find out if Cacticurve truly is the best product for blocking fat and suppressing the appetite, start by looking at its ingredients. On the official website for Cacticurve, the ingredients are listed as 200mg Slimaluma, 200mg Neopuntia and 200mg Hoodia Gordonii. The manufacturer claims that these ingredients are “revolutionary” and that they act as natural fat blockers that will also stop its users from feeling hungry. It stated that these ingredients are clinically tested, though it does not indicate whether or not they were found to be at all useful for those purposes.

NeOpuntia is used by several weight loss product manufacturers as a fat blocker and is made out of dehydrated leaves of a cactus plant called Opuntia ficus indica. Slimaluma, on the other hand, is another patented ingredient made out of caralluma fimbriata, a succulent plant, similar to a cactus. It has been eaten in India as a raw vegetable with spices. It has also been preserved in pickles and chutneys. Clinical studies have shown this to be a very mildly effective form of appetite supplement. That said, in its supplement form, it has never been shown to be effective at all, and it is among the substances that the FTC has warned against as an ingredient in many “miracle diet” pills. That doesn’t seem to stop the marketers of Cacticurve from saying that this ingredient has been clinically proven to be powerful and effective.

Cacticurve also claims to contain Hoodia Gordonii among its ingredients. This ingredient has been shown in clinical trials and studies not to promote any benefits relating to weight loss.

Though Cacticurve diet pills may or may not work, the sneaky tactics used for marketing Cacticurve do promote a lack of trust and confidence in its safety and its efficacy. Furthermore, the inclusion of ingredients that are known to be nothing more than hype make it difficult to recommend a product of this nature.

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